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Mahamayuri Mudra art
Oil colours on canvas (24" x 24")

Crown Chakra (sahasrara chakra) Lotus shape
Oil colours on canvas (24" x 24")

Dr Jai Madaan 

The Crown chakra (sahasrara chakra) is the seventh energy center located in the astral (energy) body, at the crown of the head where the skull meets the spine. 

Mahamayuri Mudra is typically practiced in meditation to reach a deeper state of consciousness as it activates the Crown chakra and connects you with your higher self. 

AUM being the seed mantra of Crown Chakra, it is advisable that you think or recite 'AUM'  as you gaze at the Mahamayuri Mudra art around the southeast corner of your place as it helps to unblock the Crown chakra and lets you an optimistic outlook. With directing happy energies towards the dweller, evident changes in attitude and emotions become apparent, making one mindful and spiritually elevated. 

The Benefits of Mahamayuri Mudra 

Emotional Wellbeing 

• Spiritual awakening 
• Mental Clarity
• Better empathy and compassion 
• Greater sense of purpose 
• Improved intuition
• Reduced anxiety and stress 

Physical Wellbeing 

This painting of Mahamayuri mudra is associated with the Crown chakra and relates to the endocrine system (hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland). 

The pineal gland is a small gland located in the center of the brain that accounts for producing and regulating melatonin  (sleep and wake cycle regulating hormone) which further keeps the body in good rhythm. 

 A balanced Crown chakra stimulates the pineal gland, leading to: 

• Mental equilibrium 
• Mood stabilization 
• Improved sleep patterns 
• Elevated Energy
• Better heart health  

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