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Jnana Mudra art

Heart Chakra (anahata chakra) Heart & Budha shape
Oil colours on canvas (24" x 24")

Dr Jai Madaan 

Located in the center of our chest, close to our physical heart, the Anahata chakra (heart chakra) regulates the energy flow in and around the heart, lungs and thymus gland. 

When you connect with the Heart chakra through Jnana Mudra, you have such power directed towards yourself which makes you experience pure love sans attachments. 

Therefore, you part with negative emotions, past traumas and restraining beliefs that may hold you back. 

In this state of openness and vulnerability, you can develop deeper connections with yourself and others, resulting in more fulfilling relationships and a greater sense of self.  

YAM being the seed mantra of Heart Chakra, it is advisable that you think or recite 'YAM'  as you gaze at the Jnana Mudra art around the southeast corner of your place as it helps to align happy energies towards you which unblock the Heart chakra leading to developing deeper connections with ourselves and others, resulting in more fulfilling relationships and a discovering self.

Benefits of associating with Jnana mudra

• Helps redirect prana towards the heart, balancing the blood pressure.
• Helps unblocking the heart on a pranic and emotional level, ejecting out tensions.
• Calms a stressed nervous system and soothes the mind.
• Promotes a sense of love, compassion and openness towards connecting with oneself and others. 

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