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Vishuddha Mudra art

Throat Chakra (vishuddha chakra), Maa Saraswati 
Oil colours on canvas (24" x 24")

Dr Jai Madaan 

The Throat Chakra (vishuddha chakra) is the fifth chakra, located in the centre of the neck, near the thyroid gland and larynx, right at the base of the throat. 

It is the primary seat of communication, expression and inspiration as it is associated with the element of sound and the sense of hearing, as well as the action of speaking.

The Sanskrit term 'Vishuddha' primarily signifies purifying the body from toxins and harmful substances. The Throat Chakra helps in restoring bodily energy by ejecting toxins, thereby assisting in preserving health and wellness.

For the ones who struggle to keep a point owing to whatever reason, low courage or stammering or just doubt, the key is balancing the Throat chakra as from it comes the confidence and clarity about speech. 

HAM being the seed mantra of Throat Chakra, it is advisable that you think or recite 'HAM' when you gaze at Vishuddha Mudra art around the southeast corner of your place as it helps to unblock the Throat chakra and lets you communicate clearly and claim your truth.  

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