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Elephant art

Butterfly Eared Elephant 
Oil colours on canvas  (36" x 36")

Dr Jai Madaan 

When an elephant passes through thick woods, a way is created upon which the mighty treads with stampeding energy and this relates to clearing blockage in the 1st chakra (mooladhar) and allowing you the gain of knowledge and experience wisdom besides giving you strength - physical, emotional and mental. 

Butterfly is a practical evidence of the possibility of being able to dissolve old forms and morph, rebuild and evolve ourselves, thereby preaching surrender and trust as important facets in the growth process. 

The elephant's ears are designed like the wings of a butterfly to signify all pervasiveness within the same soul; heavy and light, stable and fragile, tough and delicate which help you to adjust best to the plots, life has to offer. 

Butterfly and the elephant symbolize maturity and courage. When Gaja is placed 3rd in a series with Rupantar and Titli in the southeast direction, it directs those energies towards you which bestow the wisdom to comprehend situations and the courage to transform yourself into something that will lead to a flight of success. 

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