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Butterfly art

Butterfly Key
Oil colours on canvas  (36" x 36")

Dr Jai Madaan 

A gentle and silent creature, butterfly preaches to endure evolutionary pain towards being light-hearted which soars you toward infinite opportunities and bliss. 

An instrument symbolizing control, with a key you can do both, keep the negative energies locked and unlock self-discovering potential. 

Marking transformation, hope and faith as a butterfly goes through many life cycles - larva, caterpillar, chrysalis and finally a flying being, its image as an art form directs such energies at you which push you towards seeking knowledge, overcoming obstacles, taking control of life and ultimately using the key of wisdom and courage to seek fulfillment - spiritual, world-wise, relationship-wise, emotional, mental and of any realm. 

Having Titli preceeded by Rupantar and succeeded by Gaja on your southeast wall will have you on a vibrational scale which will find you lock away the insecurities, worries and unlock the doors of liberation, which once you open, you set yourself towards the sky - you may have any quantum and quality of success you aspire. 

For those finding answers, aspiring to explore opportunities and venturing into any new association or endeavor, Rupantar, Titli and Gaja in your space will have the universe work in your favour. 

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