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Caterpillar transformation Butterfly art

Oil colours on canvas  (36" x 36")

Dr Jai Madaan 

Symbolizing transformation, the caterpillar modifies itself into a beautiful butterfly with which comes an intense change on the energy level that has the being fly. 

Constricted to the Earth, caterpillar drags itself throughout the wild flora and fauna. Once it becomes a butterfly, it gains delightful and bright wings with which it ascends into the sky. It takes immense courage for the caterpillar to endure the evolutionary pain and it is only after that it reaches a state of higher frequency. 

Marking growth and transformation, this piece of art aligns towards the inhabitant, the energies of personal progression to help you re-emerge as an escalated version of yourself who would have the wisdom, courage and knowledge to delve into the opportunities or plots about happiness and success. 

The placement of Rupantar  in the southeast corner of the house followed by Titli  and Gaja connects you with those potent energies that inspire and push you to see hope ahead and instill within you the confidence of
taking the plunge into remodeling yourself about someone who'd be happier, soaring and proud. 

For those who feel stuck and resistant towards change but aspire to succeed, the walls of your place must see Rupantar, Titli and Gaja.

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