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Yin & Yang art

Earth depicted as Yin & Yang
Oil colours on canvas (48" x 48") 

Dr Jai Madaan 

Yin Yang philosophy represents the duality of all things in the universe. It is through the combination of these forces that life is possible and when an aptly balanced energy between Yin and Yang flows, it promotes an optimal state of physical and emotional health.

Complementary forces, Yin and Yang constantly change and are interdependent for balance which is denoted by the black spot in the white and the white spot within the black. 

• Representing the energy of the Earth and the Moon, Yin is marked as negative, passive and feminine. It is considered receptive, dark, cool, soft, still and contemplative.  

• Representing the Sun's energy, Yang is marked as positive, active and masculine. It is considered energetic, expansive and warm.

Putting Bhoomi between Shiv and Shakti on the wall of your home or office space will align harmonious energy in your life (physical, professional, relationships, financial) towards having you redirect your mind in the pursuit of deciphering life in its true sense. It shall push you towards working on mental and emotional blockages in order to experience acceptance and bliss. 

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