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Shakti art

Red hole 
Oil colours on canvas (48" x  48")

Dr Jai Madaan 

About 750 nanometers, the colour red has the largest wavelength in white light and it is least scattered by fog or smoke. 

Every being comes to life through blood, which is red. So, we can well understand the power of colour red which manifests life from the spiritual realms upon the Earth. It is the women who cause life, who cause birth and we associate females with Goddess Durga aka Shakti must we learn that Goddess is the paramount supreme and this is how we understand the significance of colour 'red'. 

This piece of art 'Shakti' be placed third in series with Neela and Syah as it represents the feminine energy 'Shakti'. By doing so, you attune yourself to the elevated universal forces which bring for you courage, passion and love. 

Since red is the color of blood, it is associated with sacrifice, danger and courage. 
Mars is 'Mangal' in Hindi which means auspicious and the planet Mars is red. 
Sun shines bright orange which is again made of red and yellow. 
Red also symbolizes passion, love and desire. 

What is Red in this artwork is a hole that symbolises infinity, completion and acceptance. 

Having Shakti with Shiv and Bhoomi on the walls of your living room will direct elevated energies towards you which will instill fearlessness and immense courage within your being besides promoting happiness within the family just like a mother would want. 

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