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Flight of Golden Birds art

Golden Birds Flying
Acrylic colours on canvas 
 (60" x 60")

Dr Jai Madaan 

Flight of birds upon a canvas perfectly symbolizes the transition from a current situation to a new one. 

When flight of birds is seen as an artwork, it aligns such energies which push you beyond the obstacles that you face in life and make you realize your higher dreams and aims. 

Udaan depicts golden birds flying which denotes your flight towards grabbing golden opportunities by transporting you to a better nurturing place. 

Allowing you a good change of position which might relate to profession, country, or any other associative setup, it would suit to put his piece of art - udaan in the living room or office areas (reception, waiting area) as such number of flying birds require large spaces which resemble an infinite sky marking limitless lucky chances.

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