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Kama Kalpa

Kamadhenu & Kalpavruksha art

Kamadhenu with Kalpavruksha
 Oil colours with golden leaf mix on canvas 

Dr Jai Madaan

This art work brings together two entities that are believed to bring good fortune. 
Kamadhenu and Kalpavruksha attract auspice and fortunes when rightly placed. 


Bestowing upon the worshipper, the potential to achieve personal and professional gains, Kamadhenu and Kalpavruksha embody all such energies needed to enjoy a contented life in spiritual, physical and worldly realms. 

Kamadhenu literally means the cow from whom all that is desired is drawn -  the cow of plenty. 
Kamadhenu is the mother of all cows and is often depicted as a cow with a woman's face, the wings of a bird and the tail of a peafowl.

Kalpavruksha (tree of life) is a symbol of growth and abundance; a divine tree that grants wishes to those who seek its blessings.

As per the ancient texts, both Kamadhenu and Kalpavruksha originated from the Samudra Manthan (churning of the oceans). 

The North-East direction or the Ishan Kon of the house is the most appropriate area to position 
Kama Kalpa.

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