Birth Journal

Unlock the secrets of life's journey through an insightful analysis of your birth journal (kundli).

The celestial bodies (planets and stars) effect your life at every step. Decoding their position and alignment at the time of birth will help you understand the underlying cause of your circumstances - both good and challenging. With profound insights, you decipher the narrative and motive of your life which helps
you sail smooth.

Astrology is about discovering your strengths which come of cosmic influences as you allow clarity upon your mind and direction towards your movements.
This lets you better and mindful decisions.

The remedies which follow birth chart analysis are like an umbrella in the storm. The storm like life remains as it is, but you shelter under the umbrella of remedies, thus securing yourself safety and not letting the situation have much impact on your well being.

In a personalised session, your horoscope is vividly studied and discussed followed by an explanation of appropriate and effective remedies. You get to express your concerns and leave with a bagful of hope and faith.


Astro Vastu Consultancy

Everything is varying energies
...surround yourself with happy ones

Have happy and harmonious energies settle upon your habitat. Let bliss and growth prevail through Vastu.

Supportive energy is a pre requisite for balance and prosperity in any plot of space and time. Twining the wisdom of Astrology with the prudence of Vastu Shastra, you can orient your home or work space about elevating forces which support life optimally.

Resorting to a personalised Astro Vastu session, you may optimize your surroundings with energies which synthesise good health, loving relationships, success, peace and prosperity.


Face is the index of mind.

A sophisticated biometric, our face records our personal history, personality traits, preferences and the decision making style.

The seventh cranial nerve links the brain to the face and through this connection, our face records our karma and other predispositions.

The unique lines, markings, hues, our micro expressions and gestures can be read as our status (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) report. This is the science of physiognomy which allows you to discover the unseen facets of your being that help you benefit of the potential that was so far hidden.

By learning the main components of face, you can use this as a tool to understand the mental element of people which will help you strike win - win deals on your workfront.

Striving to execute the belief that a lit candle can illuminate innumerable more, training entrepreneurs, ones in corporate arena and other structured organizations, it assures me that I am able to share my knowledge which surely will become handy at some point.

I strongly advocate for having a hang of the basic principles of face reading as it would not only save time and energy about selecting one's team but also it would have reliable and accountable people surrounding you towards optimal results.


Tarot Card Reading

Selecting and reading from peculiar cards which encompass all the facets of universe, Tarot is a form of guidance which helps to gain insight into the past, present and future.

Communicating symbolically, Tarot employs intricate imagery and evocative illustrations as each card holds a multitude of meanings and invites intuitive interpretation and personal reflection.

In a personalised session of Tarot reading, you get your questions answered which helps you gain clarity about the way out in complex situations.

Sort your relationships, be around a steady progress and anchor at the harbour of success on the professional workfront by being guided by the
Tarot cards.


Life Style Coach

Air is all around us, but in order to feel it we need to switch the fan on and sit under it. Likewise, the understanding and wisdom lies inside us, but we need someone who can help us sail in the journey inwards and find the treasure of innate power and knowledge. Allow yourself the guidance which helps you claim your might and take control of your endeavours towards success.

Each coaching session is targeted towards having you blossom in full bloom - on both personal and professional front.

Aiming to foster holistic well being, I wish to share with you the experience I have gathered over two decades. And as we relay the spark of knowledge, before we know, the mental space is already Illuminated.



Analyzing the physical features of the hands, palmistry helps to interpret the traits of personality and predict future. Shedding invaluable insight, every hand is said to fit into a particular shape, aligned with one of the four elements: earth, air, fire or water.

With analysing your hand, we may discover the latent potential and powerful tools for
self discovery and empowerment, guiding you towards a more fulfilling future.