Birth Journal


Unlock the secrets of life's journey through an insightful analysis of your birth journal (kundli).

The celestial bodies (planets and stars) effect your life at every step. Decoding their position and alignment at the time of birth will help you understand the underlying cause of your circumstances - both good and challenging. With profound insights, you decipher the narrative and motive of your life which helps
you sail smooth.

Astrology is about discovering your strengths which come of cosmic influences as you allow clarity upon your mind and direction towards your actions.
This lets you better and mindful decisions.

The remedies which follow birth chart analysis are like an umbrella in the storm. The storm like life remains as it is, but you shelter under the umbrella of remedies, thus securing yourself safety and not letting the situation have much impact on your well being.

In a personalised session, your horoscope is vividly studied and discussed followed by an explanation of appropriate and effective remedies. You get to express your concerns and leave with a bagful of hope and faith.